CI/CD Enabler/DevOps Coach

Posted on: 4 May 2022

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Job intro

40 hours per week -

16-05-2022 till 16-05-2023 -

Possible extension: Yes


ABN AMRO Amsterdam


Assignment context and description of activities

CI/CD Enablers Profile: (this is the function name we use at ABN AMRO). Role name could also be a Devops Coach.

We are looking for a person that identifies him or herself with natural curiosity and with patience while experimenting. You love to inspire people, are open to help them in a respectful way and you are transparent. But you can be strict as well - we also need to assess if teams are in control of their quality measures in backlog management, design and programming, continuous testing, continuous integration and continuous delivery.

We have a strong belief in the power of inspect and adapt feedback loops to improve the product. We belief the Lean principals help us day to day. We feel that the DORA metrics are the most important indicators for IT performance. We try our best to incorporate them on a team and organizational level, but we are not there yet! We would love your view and help on this subject.

You keep your knowledge up to speed in this rapid changing world and you are able to demonstrate development techniques. You know how to inspire and how to encourage teams. You are focused on delivering value in an automated and controlled way. You know about the cultural diversity in large scale organisations and how to handle delicate situations with respect. But we want you to be technical as well. We won't ask you to develop an application but we do expect you to be able to do basic stuff in code and relate to teams building software, understanding their day to day challenges.

With the following results (SMART)

Communication skills:

Since this role is intended to coach and guide other people on best practices in CI/CD we highly value good communication skills:

Experience in creating and facilitating workshops

Coaching other people preferably multiple people spread over multiple teams

Experience in creating and giving trainings

Having done coaching and training in an online situation is a pre

Able to communicate with different levels in the organization (development engineers, team leads and senior management)

Awareness of cultural differences (India and Netherlands culture)

Technical skills:

We expect you to have experience and knowledge of several tools used within CI/CD. We do not expect that you know and have used all of the examples below.

For the current roles we are hiring experience in Python, Yaml pipelines, Azure functions or experience with test automation frameworks is a pre.

Cloud platforms: Affinity and experience working with Cloud platforms (Azure preferred platform)

IDE's: Eclipse/IntelliJ/Visual Studio/Topaz (mainframe)

Versioning tools: Git

Build tools: Maven/Gradle

QA tools: SonarQube/Fortify

Package/repository management tools: Nexus (Lifecycle)

Workflow tools: JIRA/Jenkins/VSTS/Azure Devops

Test tools: e.g. JUnit/JMeter/Selenium/Postman/SoapUI/Rest-Assured

Deployment tools: XLRelease/XLDeploy /Ansible

Languages: Java/Javascript/Python/C#/.Net


Relevant knowledge, skills, competences & desired education level

You are able to create an environment of trust and create a safe haven where making mistakes is accepted and seen as an opportunity to learn. You follow market trends constantly to help teams improve their performance. Create leverage in a team to enable them to work on improvements using lead by example.

Additional information

We are looking for a Domain expert with knowledge and expertise in the area of CICD. In de market also known as Devops coach, Devops expert. This is a role with combination technical background as well as processes, someone who can build and code but also facilitates workshops.


Sean Verhoef +31(0)20-3337629

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